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      K C Mahanakorn Co.,Ltd. is a commercial and Industrial valves supplier, established in 1990 with the vision “ We are proud to be choose by our valuable customers and to be trusted on our product quality and services.” We are the authorized distributor of KITZ , YOSHITAKE and YAMAMOTO KEIKI, the Japan leading brands renowned for their outstanding quality products.
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      We have realized in the keen competition in the global market,engineering and technical supportare essential for industrial enterprise. To meet the customer's need we provide an Engineering Team service named : TRUST Team


Recommend Product

    • Yoshitake : Pressure Reducing Valve
      Model : GP-2000 (Pilot type / Diaphragm)
      * Working pressure : 2.0 MPa.
      * JIS 20K / FF Flanged
      * Body : Ductile Iron)
      * Main Valve, Valve Seat, Pilot Valve, Diaphragm : Stainless steel
    • Yoshitake : Globe Valve Bellow Seal
      Model : BSV-2EN
      * Pressure 1.6, 2.5 MPa.
      * Body : Cast Iron / Ductile Iron
      * Valve, Valve seat : Stainless steel
      * Bellow : Stainless steel (SUS316Ti)
      * Std : Flanged PN16, PN25

    • Yoshitake : Float Trap
      Model : TSF10/11
      * Working pressure : 2.1 MPa.
      * Body : Ductile Cast Iron
      * Float, Valve, Valve seat : Stainless steel
      * Connection : JIS Rc Screwed, JIS 10K 20K FF Flanged

    • Oil Level Thermometer
      This oil level thermometer are indicates Oil level and Thermometer, side-wall Liquid Level gauge and Thermometer for Distribution Transformers.
      *Side-wall type
      *60x60 [Aluminum construction]
      *0-120 deg C
      *Crok Wook
      *Copper with Ni Plated
      Suprion is a water treatment device. Anti scale deposition by using Slight Static Electricity