About us

    • Company profile
      K C Mahanakorn Co.,Ltd. is a commercial and Industrial valves supplier, established in 1990 with the vision “ We are proud to be choose by our valuable customers and to be trusted on our product quality and services.” We are the authorized distributor of KITZ , YOSHITAKE, YAMAMOTO KEIKI and BI-LOK the Japan leading brands renowned for their outstanding quality products.
    • Vision and Mission
      As a leading company of the nation, we must serve our valuable customers
      with our trusted skills and experiences
      for creating them business
      values and improvement


      S - Sharing
      E - Environment
      C - Communication
      U - Unity
      R - Respect
      E - Efficiency
    • K C and Group
      We are collaborate 3 companies. K C and group have supported together as a team for reach to our esteem target including;

      (1) K C MAHANAKORN CO.,LTD. : who are authorized the high product from Japan by KITZ, YOSHITAKE and YAMAMOTO KEIKI

      (2) ITEM ENGINEERING CO.,LTD : who are authorized product from United State of America and Canada by BRAY, FLOW TEK, VAAS and Rite Pro

      (3) SUNNY VALVE AND INTERTRADE CO.,LTD : who are focus on the WMA market in brand AUMA and SIPOS
    • Supplier
      Supplier :
      (2) YOSHITAKE INC. ( JAPAN )
      (4) IHARA SCIENCE Corporation (Japan)
      (5) ROTEX
    • Certificate
      K C Mahanakorn Co.,Ltd. received the ISO9001:2015 that guarantee for our quality of management, Not only our company but also our supplier ; KITZ, YOSHITAKE, KAWAKI and YAMAMOTO KEIKI brands had received both of ISO9001 and ISO14001.