• Bi-Lok Tube Fittings
      *Fitting series : Inch, Metric and Schedule series
      *Fitting type : Tube for Taper Female & Male Pipe, Tube to Tube Union, Tube to Straight Female Thread, Tube to Pressure guage, Tube to Welded System, Tube Connector to Bi-Lok, Adaptor for Bi-Lok, Hose to Hose, Cap, Plug, Nut, Ferrules,Special Fitting
      *Size : 1/8” – 1” inch
      *Material : Stainless Steel and Brass
    • Rotex : Solenoid Valve
      Model : VAJ213 NC-230V-AC-22-I, VAJ213 NC-2G-24V-DC-22-I
      * End Connection : 1/4"BSP
      * Media : AIR
      * Operating Pressure : 1-10 bar (g)
      * Seat Material : NBR
      * Body Material : Hard Anodised Aluminium
    • Technical Knowledge
      (1) Yoshitake : Steam Concept
      (2) Yoshitake : Effective of Pressure Reducing Valve
      (3) Yoshitake : Troubleshooting : Model GP-2000 (PRV)
    • Yoshitake Calalog Download
      Yoshitake Calalog Download
      - Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)
      - Safety and Relief Valve
      - Steam Trap
      - Solenoid Valve
      - Strainer
      - Sight Glass
      - Air Vent
    • K C Company Profile
      K C Company Profile 2013
      (History : Mission "As Your TRUST" : After Sale Service : Product - KITZ,YOSHITAKE,YAMAMOTO KEIKI : Technical Training : Warehouse
      : Adress and Map)
    • YOSHITAKE Product
      YOSHITAKE We are willing to strive to work in R&D and verification test in order to achieve the highest performance and the best quality by making use of seventy-year experience. Our spirit always aims to the best, and makes us try endless improvement of our product. Our technology is supported by longtime experience, actual achievement, basic research, verification test, and spirit with tireless effort.